Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kings and Queen!

So three of the people I work with have their own band called..you guessed it... "Kings and Queen".

They are Amy (The Queen), Deon and Jacques(The Kings).

They are getting their name out there and are doing a photo shoot tomorrow and my little purple people eater(my mini) has been booked for a music video sometime...(MY CAR IS GONNA BE FAMOUS!!!!!!)

Some of their songs are on their Facebook page, photos will be on their page soon as well because tomorrow they are having a photo shoot (excitement was in the air today at work)...so...check out their page and their songs... 

The songs are:

Coward Theory
Failure to Launch
Kings and Queen
On the Other Side
Not So Sure


Much love

Friday, May 6, 2011

Think and Be Merry

So in my last post I mentioned my friend Alan, now he informed me of something that I didn't know about(since I hadn't spoken to him in a little while). but he has his own blog. thinkandbemerry.wordpress.com...

Now it's not a normal blog, in the about section of his blog he states:

"Here you will find a collection of articles to make you think. This page does not focus on any particular topic but is rather an amalgam of interesting facts and freethinking essays. If you have any suggestions, criticisms or see anything that gets you moderately stoked, please feel free to comment."

I took a gander because he told me he had posted a poem on there and I was interested to see what his poem was about and...if he could write poetry...anyone can try write poetry, but not everyone can actually write poetry...for me...his poem was actually quite good...but I digress..

Being a university student his arguments are logical, but the reading isn't too over your head so I really enjoyed it:)

Maybe check his page out

Much love,